Pomegranates explode gives a voice to the young artistic generation of the SWANA region and its new diaspora.  With it’s progressive approach, the magazine wanders around ideas of queerness, activism and social confrontation, while protecting the authors in it. I created this publication to show the world the hidden faces of a region, where tragedy has been normalized and exoticised by the west. It brings the free, queer, individual and wild artistic expression of the millennials and gen Z of the region to light. This “print only” magazine brings a safe platform for everyone interested into post-patriarchal and diasporic stories. We are the generation that makes our own luck.

Over a year I was interviewing, writing, illustrating and curating this magazine, featuring works of young creatives, athletes and activists of the SWANA region (South West Asia and North Africa). I learned and empathized with my community and together we were on a quest in finding our pop-cultural and political standing point in the world. The magazine visually and peacefully rebels against an excotisized culture in the midst of civil unrest.

Pomegranates Explode Magazine 2021